We are taking it to the streets to Face Off Against Men's Cancers

Our Event

Facing Off Against Men's Cancers Road Hockey Tournament

Road hockey is going to take Foxwarren, Mb by storm in July 2019.  Taking it to the street to raise awareness and funds for Men's cancers is the goal.  Laughs, memories and a whole lot of fun are just some of the extra perks.  CancerCare Mb Foundation is an amazingly unbelievable resource for people when they are at their absolute most vulnerable.  Stepping up and joining the fight against cancer is just the right thing to do!

Our Facing off against Men's Cancers weekend kicks off on the Friday night at the famous "Kent Hotel".  In keeping with the spirit of taking it to the streets, they are extending their fun into the parking lot, beer garden style.  There will be live music, rainbow and live auctions, meet and greet our large group of celebrities and of course the Calcutta!  The Kent Hotel is known for their vast collection of hockey memorabilia.  Morley and Lexie are great hosts who are excellent community members, and they are super excited to show you their digs.

Now the road hockey section...so so exciting.  

We have 2 divisions; Junior and Elite.  

Within each division, teams can be registered either as Sponsored team or just as the team themselves.  On the home page, click register here and complete the form.  Sponsored teams are exactly what they sound like.  Sponsors can build a team themselves or teams can seek out a sponsor for their team.

In the Elite division only, Sponsored teams and elite division sponsors can participate in the Calcutta during the Friday nights activities.

Teams are made up 6 players including a goalie. Teams will receive a celebrity to complete their team. 

The winners in both the Junior and Elite division will receive Champion prizes. 

The Elite Division 2019 Champions will receive $1000!!!!!!!!